CQB INSTITUTE is the culmination of three decades of research, development, training, adaptation and validation of a tactical philosophy essential to police officer survival. The quailty of our training, services and products is our top priorty.

Courses are taught in the San Francisco Bay Area or at your location by our Mobile Training Team (MTT). Upon request we can develop and teach customized courses to fit your agency's specific needs and requirements.

If you host our MTT, substantial savings through tuition discounts and incentives will allow you to get more training for less money. If you are a hard charging officer who attends training at your own expense, we offer a "Buddy Plan" which allows you a 25% discount on tuition if a fellow officer from your agency enrolls in the course with you.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us at administration@cqbinstitute.com or (925) 242-2558

Be Safe!